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    Maximize the power of your muscles and achieve better performance and longer endurance with KRAFTFIT Men's Long Compression Tights.

    KRAFTFIT Compression Wear is designed to provide ergogenic benefits, crafted to wrap your muscles in a cocoon to reduce vibrations, resulting in significant improvements in muscle stability and enhancing your overall performance.

    Muscle damage often occurs with rigorous exercise, and often manifested as soreness. This leads to decreased range of motion, swelling and impaired muscle function, possibly leading to injury.

    With added Powerband Technology developed in integration of the kinesiology research and study, specific muscle groups receive additional support that optimizes performance with improved blood circulation while reducing pain and injury.

    Elevated Edema Control

    Accelerate warm-up time and elevate blood circulation in achieving peak performance by directing deoxygenated blood back to the heart, optimizing muscle performance.

    Reduced Fatigue and Damage

    Energy from muscles is no longer lost to vibrations, significantly reducing fatigue and protracts endurance, decreasing muscle soreness and preventing muscle damage.

    Reduced Pain and Injury

    Powerband Technology developed in integration with kinesiology provides additional support for key muscle groups, preventing pain and injury caused by over exertion.

    Improved Post Exercise Muscle Performance and Recovery

    Enhanced muscle stability and control boost the degree of agility and provide total muscle control and coordination that reduces delayed onset muscle soreness

    Size Chart

    For specific sizing, please refer to the Size Chart, taking into consideration that if you’re near the borderline for sizes or you wish to wear your compression garment primarily for recovery purposes, be sure to choose the smaller size where possible.